Paving the Way: Asphalt in America

Paving the Way: Asphalt in America

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Dan McNichol

ISBN: 978-0-914313-04-5

This engaging history of asphalt pavements belongs on the coffee table of anyone who loves roads and road building. With more than 250 historic and color pictures, Paving the Way tells the story of hard-surfaced roads from the Roman Empire to the modern age with trips down Route 66, through National Parks, across World War II island airfields, and America’s Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Along the way, the reader meets colorful characters including McAdam in the 18th Century, the Asphalt Tycoon in the 19th Century, and the Warren family at the beginning of the 20th Century. Paving the Way was written by Dan McNichol, author of The Big Dig and The Roads That Built America, and designed by Richard Berenson.

304 pages (December 2005)