Perpetual Pavements by Conversion

Perpetual Pavements by Conversion

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Dr. Dave Timm, Auburn University; Dave Gent, P.E., WAPA

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Published: 10/13/2021

This webinar will introduce the concept of improving or rehabilitating existing pavements into Perpetual Pavements. This technique, known as conversion, relies on principals similar to the design of new Perpetual Pavements but with some important distinctions. Both traditional and conversion Perpetual Pavement designs concepts will be presented, with emphasis on the development of the design criteria, application of the criteria to pavement conversion, and existing design tools such as PerRoad and PAVEXpress to execute design. Real world case studies will also be presented. Participants will: 1. Learn the fundamental concepts needed to convert an existing pavement into a Perpetual Pavement. 2. Understand how PerRoad and PAVEXpress can be used to facilitate Perpetual Pavement design by conversion 3. See real-world examples of converted Perpetual Pavements.