Beyond the Basics: Preventing Segregation

Beyond the Basics: Preventing Segregation

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Steve McReynolds, Director of Operations, Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

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Published: 8/12/2021

Asphalt mixture segregation is a problem that asphalt producers and paving contractors face as they work to construct quality pavements. Preventing segregation is critical to eliminate the negative impacts that it can have on the long-term durability of asphalt pavements. Segregation can occur at several places during the production process through the placement of the asphalt mixture, which makes it critical that segregation is identified quickly and rooted out at the source of the problem. This webinar will focus on several key practices for asphalt contractors to identify and eliminate segregation from their operations. Takeaways: 1. Identify sources of asphalt mixture segregation and practices to eliminate segregation at these points of the operation 2. Learn about the different types of segregation and the problems that lead to each 3. Learn about technologies that can help identify segregation and assist contractors at being even more successful at avoiding asphalt mixture segregation