Creating Long-Life Pavement with FAA P-401

Creating Long-Life Pavement with FAA P-401

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Dr. Mark Buncher, Asphalt Institute and John Duval, Duval Engineering

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Language: English
Published: 9/7/2023

This webinar will focus on the latest Federal Aviation Administration P-401 specification for the design, production, and placement of asphalt mixtures on FAA funded airfield pavement projects.  Discussion topics will include materials, construction guidance, quality control and acceptance considerations within the FAA P-401 to ensure long-life asphalt pavements.  The webinar will benefit anyone involved in airfield asphalt pavement construction including contractors, inspectors, airport engineers and consultants.

Attendees will be able to:

  1. Challenges and best practices for asphalt airfield paving.
  2. Unique elements in the current FAA P-401 specification for asphalt materials and mix design.
  3. Construction guidance and QC/QA considerations per FAA P-401 specification.