Asphalt 101 for Civil and Geotechnical Engineers Webinar

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Phillip B. Blankenship, PE

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Published: 8/20/2020

This webinar educates civil and geotechnical engineers on the basics of asphalt. The webinar will discuss asphalt pavement material composition and will focus on the importance of asphalt binder, aggregates, and provide a high-level overview of mix design. This webinar provides a basic overview of the steps for asphalt mixture design noting the progress of mix design methodology. Asphalt binder is the glue that holds a mixture together. Choosing the right type of binder is critical for long term performance of pavements. This webinar offers an overview of asphalt binder production and favorable economic (lower mixture cost), environmental (less energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions) and societal (extends available natural resources) impacts. Attendees will: • Understand the basic material composition of asphalt • Realize the impact of material properties on asphalt design • Understand basic asphalt mixture design approaches